Affenpinscher Dog Breed Information | Temperament

Let us find out everything about Affenpinscher Dog Breed.

Affenpinscher Dog Breed Information

The Affen’s apish look has been described many ways. They’ve been called “monkey dogs” and “ape terriers.” The French say diablotin moustachu (“mustached little devil”), and Star Wars fans argue whether they look more like Wookies or Ewoks.Standing less than a foot tall, these sturdy terrier-like dogs approach life with great confidence. “This isn’t a breed you train,” a professional dog handler tells us, “He’s like a human. You befriend him.” The dense, harsh coat is described as “neat but shaggy” and comes in several colors; the gait is light and confident. They can be willful and domineering, but mostly Affens are loyal, affectionate, and always entertaining. Affen people say they love being owned by their little monkey dogs. The Affenpinscher: loyal, curious, and famously amusing; this almost-human toy dog is fearless out of all proportion to his size. As with all great comedians, it’s the Affenpinscher’s apparent seriousness of purpose that makes his antics all the more amusing.

Affenpinscher Dog Breed Temperament

Confident, Famously Funny, Fearless

Popularity: 148

Affenpinscher Dog Breed Body Structure

Affenpinscher has 22.86 as well as 29.21. If we talk about weight, then 3.17514659 and 4.5359237.

Now, allmost all Affenpinscher has minimum 12 years and maximum 15.

What is the group of Affenpinscher?
2-3 Times a Week Brushing

What is the grooming frequency of the Affenpinscher dog?

How frequently should I brush my Affenpinscher dog?

2-3 Times a Week Brushing

What is the Shedding Value of Affenpinscher?


What is the Shedding Category of Affenpinscher?


What is the Energy Level Value of Affenpinscher?


When does my dog need exercise?

Regular Exercise

How about the training of my dog?

Easy Training

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