Afghan Hound Dog Breed Information | Temperament

Let us find out everything about Afghan Hound Dog Breed.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Information

The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed, his whole appearance one of dignity and aloofness – his eyes gazing into the distance as if in memory of ages past. An intelligent and independent mind, his whole appearance one of dignity and style. To his own he is devoted and loyal with a charming and lively personality. The Afghan Hound is an athlete capable of immense speed and requires a large fenced in yard and exercise daily.Since ancient times, Afghan Hounds have been famous for their elegant beauty. But the thick, silky, flowing coat that is the breed’s crowning glory isn’t just for show — it served as protection from the harsh climate in mountainous regions where Afghans originally earned their keep. Beneath the Afghan’s glamorous exterior is a powerful, agile hound — standing as high as 27 inches at the shoulder — built for a long day’s hunt. Their huge paw-pads acted as shock absorbers on their homeland’s punishing terrain.The Afghan Hound is a special breed for special people. A breed expert writes, “It’s not the breed for all would-be dog owners, but where the dog and owner combination is right, no animal can equal the Afghan Hound as a pet.” The Afghan Hound is an aloof and dignified aristocrat of sublime beauty. Despite his regal appearance, he is known for his profound loyalty, sensitive nature, and absolute love for those he calls his own.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Temperament

Dignified, Profoundly Loyal, Aristocratic

Popularity: 113

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Body Structure

Afghan Hound has 63.5 as well as 68.58. If we talk about weight, then 22.6796185 and 27.2155422.

Now, allmost all Afghan Hound has minimum 12 years and maximum 15.

What is the group of Afghan Hound?
Daily Brushing

What is the grooming frequency of the Afghan Hound dog?

How frequently should I brush my Afghan Hound dog?

Daily Brushing

What is the Shedding Value of Afghan Hound?


What is the Shedding Category of Afghan Hound?


What is the Energy Level Value of Afghan Hound?


When does my dog need exercise?


How about the training of my dog?

May be Stubborn

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