Australian Terrier Dog Breed Information | Temperament

Let us find out everything about Australian Terrier Dog Breed.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed Information

Australian Terriers are small but sturdy, self-confident terriers known for a longish torso, distinctive coat furnishings around the neck and forequarters, and a topknot of soft, silky hair that contrasts in texture with an otherwise harsh coat. A long neck lends a dash of elegance to this rough-and-ready terrier, and the dark eyes sparkle with a keen intelligence. Coat colors are blue-and-tan, or solid red or sandy. Aussies move with the free and easy gait of a working dog. They are alert watchdogs and said to be quick studies when training. True terriers, Aussies love digging, and the urge to chase small, furry critters has never left them. Not always a great fit in multi-dog households, Aussies want you all to themselves. The diminutive Australian Terrier is plucky, spirited, and smart—how did they fit so much dog into such a bitty package? Upbeat and lively, the self-assured Aussie approaches life with plenty of the old-time terrier curiosity and grit.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed Temperament

Affectionate, Courageous, Spirited

Popularity: 140

Australian Terrier Dog Breed Body Structure

Australian Terrier has 25.4 as well as 27.94. If we talk about weight, then 6.80388555 and 9.0718474.

Now, allmost all Australian Terrier has minimum 11 years and maximum 15.

What is the group of Australian Terrier?
Weekly Brushing

What is the grooming frequency of the Australian Terrier dog?

How frequently should I brush my Australian Terrier dog?

Weekly Brushing

What is the Shedding Value of Australian Terrier?


What is the Shedding Category of Australian Terrier?


What is the Energy Level Value of Australian Terrier?


When does my dog need exercise?


How about the training of my dog?


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