Basset Hound Dog Breed Information | Temperament

Let us find out everything about Basset Hound Dog Breed.

Basset Hound Dog Breed Information

The Basset Hound stands no higher than 14 inches at the shoulder but, with his remarkably heavy bone, powerful little legs, and massive paws, he possesses big-dog strength and stamina. Bassets are famous for a large, domed head that features extremely long, velvety ears, mournful eyes, and a wrinkled brow, which give the breed the look of a sad clown. Built more for endurance than speed, the Basset moves in a deliberate but effortless manner. The breed’s scenting ability is uncanny; it’s said that among dogs only the Bloodhound’s nose is more accurate. Mild and agreeable at home, the Basset is stubborn on the trail and barks in a loud, ringing voice. Although they may not be wildly demonstrative in their affections, they are steadfastly loyal. Among the most appealing of the AKC breeds, the endearing and instantly recognizable Basset Hound is a perennial favorite of dog lovers all over the world. This low-slung and low-key hound can be sometimes stubborn, but is always charming.

Basset Hound Dog Breed Temperament

Charming, Patient, Low-Key

Popularity: 39

Basset Hound Dog Breed Body Structure

Basset Hound has 38.1 as well as 38.1. If we talk about weight, then 18.1436948 and 29.48350405.

Now, allmost all Basset Hound has minimum 12 years and maximum 13.

What is the group of Basset Hound?
2-3 Times a Week Brushing

What is the grooming frequency of the Basset Hound dog?

How frequently should I brush my Basset Hound dog?

2-3 Times a Week Brushing

What is the Shedding Value of Basset Hound?


What is the Shedding Category of Basset Hound?


What is the Energy Level Value of Basset Hound?


When does my dog need exercise?

Couch Potato

How about the training of my dog?


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