Beauceron Dog Breed Information | Temperament

Let us find out everything about Beauceron Dog Breed.

Beauceron Dog Breed Information

Beaucerons are muscular, rugged, and large, standing as high as 27.5 inches at the shoulder, and yet graceful and in all ways balanced. Their dark black coats feature handsome squirrel-red accents, including the red feet that give the breed its French nickname Bas-Rouge (“red stockings”). They’re also seen in a black-gray-tan coat. The long head is well chiseled, and the dark brown eyes project an expression breed fanciers describe as frank and confident. They’re not for novice owners, who might end up being owned by their dominant dog instead of the other way around. That said, well-trained and socialized Beaucerons are levelheaded watchdogs and guardians, especially good with the young, the small, and the defenseless. The Beauceron is imposing and powerful, but also remarkably smart, spirited, and a versatile herder—imagine a Border Collie’s brain in a 100-pound body. They are especially beloved by women as a dashing but sensitive companion and protector.

Beauceron Dog Breed Temperament

Gentle, Faithful, Obedient

Popularity: 124

Beauceron Dog Breed Body Structure

Beauceron has 60.96 as well as 69.85. If we talk about weight, then 31.7514659 and 49.8951607.

Now, allmost all Beauceron has minimum 10 years and maximum 12.

What is the group of Beauceron?
2-3 Times a Week Brushing

What is the grooming frequency of the Beauceron dog?

How frequently should I brush my Beauceron dog?

2-3 Times a Week Brushing

What is the Shedding Value of Beauceron?


What is the Shedding Category of Beauceron?


What is the Energy Level Value of Beauceron?


When does my dog need exercise?

Needs Lots of Activity

How about the training of my dog?

Easy Training

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