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Company Name Blue Pooch Grooming
Category Pet groomer
Pluscode 63J7+XC Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA
Address 156 N State St, Newtown, PA 18940, United States
City Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 8am to 5pm; Tuesday, 8am to 5pm; Wednesday, 8am to 5pm; Thursday, 8am to 5pm; Friday, 8am to 5pm; Saturday, 8am to 5pm; Sunday, Closed

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Telephone +1 215-860-9500
Latitude 40.2324264
Longitude -74.9364472
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Review About Blue Pooch Grooming

User Comment I can give credit where due: they’ll do a great job of making your pooch look and smell nice. Fabulous job. But, I would caution customers to get a full breakdown of anticipated charges in advance so they’re not surprised at the checkout counter. I was charged a $15 matted fur fee which brought the total to $103 at checkout. The last time I was here, I think I paid about 70 bucks. I have an extra small dog. I might expect to pay $103 for the convenience of having someone come to my home, but even that would be a stretch. Furthermore, it’s not like I presented them with Bob Marley in canine form, either; my dog had three or four small areas that were tangled on her chest which the owner tried to convince me took time away from other dogs because extra special care was needed. The groomer commented on the matted areas when I dropped off my pup but she never mentioned there would be a matted fur fee, and no such fee is mentioned on the brochure. It was not revealed until the owner sprang it on me at checkout. It’s not so much the fee, per se, it’s the principle: be upfront and transparent. You shouldn’t have to resort to such unscrupulous tactics to run a business.

Update in response to owner: I’m downgrading from my review of two stars. She's trying to depict me as a negligent owner; again, these were three or four small areas of matting. In every negative review she pushes it off on the reviewer like they're the ones responsible for her misstep. She can't take ownership of any criticism. They have a sign outside the door mandating masks, but she wasn't wearing a mask herself when I came in. I wasn't going to comment on that, but since she's being snarky and trying to make me look bad, I'm mentioning that now. Also, when I picked up my dog there was a lot of loose hair coming off on my shirt. I expect a clean dog when I dropped her off after $100 haircut, not a mess rubbing off on me. Again, they didn't tell me there would be a fee for matted fur. Even if it was too early to tell what that fee would be, they failed to say that there would be one, period. This is nothing less than sheisty unprofessional tactics commensurate with what you'd get from a dealership mechanic.

Rating 4.6
Total Review 82

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