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Let us find out everything about Carolina Dog Dog Breed.

Carolina Dog Dog Breed Information

Carolina dogs are descended from the canines that accompanied the Paleo-Indians who traveled from Asia to North America over the Bering land bridge. Today, they can still be found living wild near the Georgia-South Carolina border, but have also been seen as far north as Ohio and Pennsylvania and as far west as Arizona; rural areas are the common denominator. The typical Carolina dog has pointed ears, a fox-like snout and a tail that curves like a fishhook when it is raised. They look similar to Australian Dingoes but, taxonomically, they fall under canis familiaris. Hesitant with strangers, they will sound the alarm when unaware of who’s at the door, but once they see their people, they are ecstatic. Carolina Dogs have an extreme pack mentality, as this was a necessity for survival in the wild. Club Contact DetailsClub: Carolina Dog Club of AmericaName: Lane Watkins, PresidentEmail: [email protected] Carolina Dogs are generally shy and suspicious in nature, but once a dog accepts a human into its pack, those behaviors disappear toward that human. A sighthound of medium build, they have the general appearance of a jackal or wolf.

Carolina Dog Dog Breed Temperament

Loyal, Independent, Reserved with Strangers


Carolina Dog Dog Breed Body Structure

Carolina Dog has 45.085 as well as 49.53. If we talk about weight, then 13.6077711 and 24.94758035.

Now, allmost all Carolina Dog has minimum years and maximum .

What is the group of Carolina Dog?
Occasional Bath/Brush

What is the grooming frequency of the Carolina Dog dog?

How frequently should I brush my Carolina Dog dog?

Occasional Bath/Brush

What is the Shedding Value of Carolina Dog?


What is the Shedding Category of Carolina Dog?


What is the Energy Level Value of Carolina Dog?


When does my dog need exercise?

Regular Exercise

How about the training of my dog?

Eager to Please

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