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Critter Cuts Pet Grooming | Pet groomer | Turnersville, Washington Township, NJ, USA

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Company Name Critter Cuts Pet Grooming
Category Pet groomer
Pluscode QW5X+W9 Turnersville, Washington Township, NJ, USA
Address 127 Greentree Rd, Turnersville, NJ 08012, United States
City Turnersville, Washington Township, NJ, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, Closed; Tuesday, Closed; Wednesday, 8am to 4pm; Thursday, 8am to 8pm; Friday, 8am to 4pm; Saturday, 8am to 4pm; Sunday, Closed

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Telephone +1 856-582-1913
Latitude 39.7598522
Longitude -75.0515776
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Star 1
User Comment In the 3yrs that Becky and Charlee have been groomed at Critter Cuts, Chris have done a great job with their shave/grooming. We know Becky can be a handful. We got her declared, due to Mr. Charlee not having claws( was declawed at a kitten) and they at times have their tiffs. Becky calmed down quite a bit after her declaw and her Gamapantin on board for her grooming was OK. But after awhile Chris the groomer started asking me to give Becky more Gamapantin before she is groomed. Chris wasn't her cheerful self when she said it to me. I was concerned and asked what happed. She said she has to have help when grooming becky and its difficult when they are busy and have to use another groomer to help her with becky. I spoke to our Vet and explained what happens at the groomers and what Chris the groomer has now asked me 4/8/21 now 5 times on me giving Becky more Gamapantin. The Vet said that the medication is based on weight of the animal. Giving more can be fatal to your pet. The Vet asked whats the name of the grooming place. So I gave the Vet the name and number. Not sure if the Vet will be calling or reporting them? But I was told to take my cats to a better groomer. How much of a coma is my Becky suppose to be in, to get groomed??So today will be there last visit. I love my Becky and Mr. Charlee wayyyyyy to much to harm them BC a groomer can't handle a 12lb small female declawed cat….and to reply to the owner Mr. Charlee has never been a problem time groom. Yes Beckie is special to say it nicely. Sorry if Chris refused to tell the truth about her request first us to give Beckie more gamapantin. But its all OK. Chris can keep her lie, and we have found a much better groomer.
Rating 4.3
Total Review 53

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