What are the Types of Dog Breeds?

In the following table, you will find a list of the different breeds of dogs. Click on the letter with which the breed of dog you want to have information begins, and you will obtain a small summary of its basic characteristics.

Little by little, I will incorporate all the breeds of dogs.


There are over 800 dog breeds, of which the International Cinological Federation officially recognizes only half.

The International Cinological Federation is the largest canine group in the world and is responsible for categorizing the different breeds according to the group to which they belong.


Knowing the different breeds of dogs will help us choose the type of dog that best suits our lifestyle.

The dog, in itself, is an active animal. Unfortunately, human being is increasingly sedentary. Hence when it comes to living together, the different energies collide. On the one hand, the active energy of the dog and, on the other, the low energy of the human being.

When the dog’s energy is not depleted, the dog develops anxiety that will result in unwanted behavior: excessive barking, smashing walls, holes in the garden, etc.

This table aims to help people learn a little more about the demands of each one: is it an active dog? Is it a barker? Does it get along with children? And with other dogs? is it protective? ? Does it shed a lot of hair?

If you are looking for a specific breed of dog, I invite you to read my ebook on « How to choose the perfect dog for you,» where you will better understand ​​which breed is better to live with.

Do you want to adopt a mongrel dog? You can also guide yourself by the table. You have to consider the temperament of the previous crossbreed, although it will not be as reliable as that of a purebred.

In the end, as happens in humans and regardless of the breed, each dog is unique, and the environment in which it is raised will also greatly influence its personality.

Knowing your dog’s breed can also give clues about the possible congenital diseases it may develop.