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Food Lion | Grocery store | Durham, North Carolina, USA

Details About Food Lion

Company Name Food Lion
Category Grocery store
Pluscode X6F4+MQ Durham, North Carolina, USA
Address 121 Sherron Rd Ste 210, Durham, NC 27703, United States
City Durham, North Carolina, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 6am to 11pm; Tuesday, 6am to 11pm; Wednesday, 6am to 11pm; Thursday, 6am to 11pm; Friday, 6am to 11pm; Saturday, 6am to 11pm; Sunday, 6am to 11pm

Food Lion Contact Details

Telephone +1 919-596-2363
Latitude 35.9741325
Longitude -78.7930173
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Review About Food Lion

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User Comment This food lion has gone extremely downhill recently. I get everyone is short staffed, I get that completely. This for the most part can be helped though. There are NEVER any carts in the cart area, the carts i find are full of trash. Trash all in the parking area as well. The shelves have not been fully stocked. I enjoy eating Ramen for lunch at work. I swear they are always 100% out of ramen…I get there is increased demand. A year later you would think the company would start ordering EXTRA. This past month they are just out of everything…like distilled water 2 weeks ago? Why? It's snowing this weekend but things have been this way for 2 years. Lines have been extremely long the past few months. Only 3 lines are open now as i write this. The cashier I have is elderly and VERY slow. I have had her several times now. Last complaint; LINE ORDER. I've got in two fights this month about the lines here. Self check out has 2 sides, and 2 lines (one for each side) there are stickers on the ground for this. For whatever reason, customers think they line up on the right and right side ONLY and think that one line is for all 4 self check outs. This is very wrong because;ISLE 9 HAS 2 ROWS OF FLOOR STICKERS THAT SAY "WAIT HERE" one for self check out, one for check out # 5.

Suggestion; *** put a sign up on the self check out that says form 2 lines, or remove the floor stickers SO its clearly showing u form 1 line for all 4 check outs. It will prevent a bunch of ghetto out burst about cutting in line.

Rating 4.3
Total Review 772

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