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Company Name Fred Meyer
Category Grocery store
Pluscode 3VXF+7F Eugene, Oregon, USA
Address 60 Division Ave, Eugene, OR 97404, United States
City Eugene, Oregon, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Saturday, 6am to 11pm; Sunday, 6am to 11pm; Monday, 6am to 11pm; Tuesday, 6am to 11pm; Wednesday, 6am to 11pm; Thursday, 6am to 11pm; Friday, 6am to 11pm

Fred Meyer Contact Details

Telephone +1 541-461-1400
Latitude 44.0982203
Longitude -123.126354
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Review About Fred Meyer

User Comment Everything was great. It was a nice shopping experience except the belittling and argumentative lady at the self checkout kinda ruined it.

2 payment methods, cash, then card. I went to swipe my card and was rudely interrupted by a gruff old woman yelling in my face all of a sudden. "Excuse Me, you're doing that wrong" she says I have to press the "pay with card button" after inserting cash.

I believed that this was incorrect, so I looked her in the eye and said "thats not true". At that point I could see in her face pure outrage as if looking her in the eye while disputing her assertion had been some personal affront against her.

I insisted that you dont have to push any prompts after putting in cash, you can just swipe your card. Her tone became very hostile and she started to treat me like I was motivated by pure evil. So I swiped my card, doing it how she wanted.. I will admit if im wrong, but she didn't give the chance to prove me wrong. You could see the triumph in her face in her little victory over me. She won by default, it was her domain after all. "I know my machines," she said with a strange tone and plastic smile.

If I didn't behave the way the Kroger corporation's machine wanted me to, it would have let me know. The problem would have been corrected between me and the machine. Her intervention was unnecessary.

Can anyone confirm you can go directly to card after inserting cash without following the prompts? Now I'm curious. Ill admit if im wrong, hey I learn from being mostly wrong all of the time in public with everyone watching!

Customer Service Rude Self Checkout

Rating 4.1
Total Review 1,014

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