Giant Eagle Supermarket | Grocery store | Columbus, Ohio, USA

Details About Giant Eagle Supermarket

Company Name Giant Eagle Supermarket
Category Grocery store
Pluscode 2X9P+PJ Columbus, Ohio, USA
Address 2801 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202, United States
City Columbus, Ohio, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Saturday, 7am to 10pm; Sunday, 7am to 10pm; Monday, 7am to 10pm; Tuesday, 7am to 10pm; Wednesday, 7am to 10pm; Thursday, 7am to 10pm; Friday, 7am to 10pm

Giant Eagle Supermarket Contact Details

Telephone +1 614-268-0976
Latitude 40.0193012
Longitude -83.0134268
Google Map URL
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Review About Giant Eagle Supermarket

User Comment Hello! I am reviewing this Giant Eagle location in terms of accessibility for those who may be disabled. Overall the location is very accessible, but a few minor changes could make a huge difference. They have six handicapped parking spots in the front of the parking lot very close to the door. The door ways are wide enough for someone to get in easily with a wheelchair, walker, or scooter. They do not have scooter grocery carts available in the entrance of the store. The aisles are relatively wide making it easy to maneuver with a wheelchair, walker, or scooter. The aisles also each have signs with large writing indicating what is in each aisle. However, many of the aisles have produce or boxes in the middle of the aisles making it much more difficult to maneuver. If the aisles are crowded it would be difficult to fit multiple people with carts going both directions. Today I went around 6 pm and it was not too crowded. Some of the produce is much too high to reach. However, I have always found the employees at this Giant Eagle extremely helpful and efficient when I have needed help finding an item, so I am sure that the workers would also be helpful and efficient if someone needed help getting an item off the shelf. The checkout at Giant Eagle is much different than other grocery stores. The majority of the check out lanes are mostly self-check out, which may be difficult for a person with a disability. At the self-check out, you scan and bag all of your groceries. Today they had three lanes of non-self check out open as well. This process just may take longer since the majority of the lanes are self-check out. I also want to note that the Giant Eagle website has a phone number and email address if a part of the store is not found to be accessible.
Rating 4.1
Total Review 1,473

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