GIANT | Grocery store | Enola, Pennsylvania, USA

Details About GIANT

Company Name GIANT
Category Grocery store
Pluscode 72VF+5Q Enola, Pennsylvania, USA
Address 4510 Marketplace Way, Enola, PA 17025, United States
City Enola, Pennsylvania, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 6am to 12am; Tuesday, 6am to 12am; Wednesday, 6am to 12am; Thursday, 6am to 12am; Friday, 6am to 12am; Saturday, 6am to 12am; Sunday, 6am to 12am

GIANT Contact Details

Telephone +1 717-909-7012
Latitude 40.2929682
Longitude -76.9756222
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Review About GIANT

User Comment The worst Giant in the area. I have been getting food poisoning from this Giant over the past couple months. Sick multiple times from bad blackberries, i bet if you look right now there will be multiple packages of blackberries with visible mold. Disgusting. Then I learned that you cannot trust this deli at all. They leave their meats sitting out in the warm for an hour before they re-wrap them and put them back into the case. When they cut a pound of ham I wondered why it smelled of rotten eggs when I opened the bag. Luckily I thew that out right after i returned home. I didn't think much of it until I was there the following week and saw deli meats sitting out unwrapped for an almost an hour. Yes I timed it. I mentioned it to them but nobody seemed to care. I vowed to never buy any deli meats from Giant again. Fast forward to today 1/6 at 5am. Sick as a dog again!! Trying to figure out what it was I looked I the prepackaged Boars Head turkey I purchased just the night before and it EXPIRED ON 12/14!! This is the first review I have ever written just to warn other customers. Now again I have to miss another day of work bowing down to the porcelain throne. I'm sure Giant doesn't care, as I have mentioned this to them directly in person several times prior. But I post this for other people as a warning to be careful what you buy from this store and CHECK THE DATES! I found out the hard way….again.
Rating 4.3
Total Review 1,322

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