GIANT | Grocery store | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Details About GIANT

Company Name GIANT
Category Grocery store
Pluscode RQQV+7F Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Address 44 Natural Springs Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325, United States
City Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 6am to 11pm; Tuesday, 6am to 11pm; Wednesday, 6am to 11pm; Thursday, 6am to 11pm; Friday, 6am to 11pm; Saturday, 6am to 11pm; Sunday, 6am to 11pm

GIANT Contact Details

Telephone +1 717-337-0017
Latitude 39.8381282
Longitude -77.2063679
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Review About GIANT

User Comment This grocery store is lacking. And maybe they are just understaffed right now. Some of the employees are nice enough and there is one manager who does a good job but overall I dread shopping here. I am a mom and always have my kids with me and a cart full of groceries. I think it’s unacceptable that I have to more often than not bag my own groceries. If I choose to let the cashier bag them all it would take way too long. And half the time my 1 yr old is trying to stand up and climb out of the cart….sometimes employees will come talk to my kids while I’m bagging my groceries and not even take over for me. This is just terrible service. I don’t work at giant and it’s terribly inconvenient for me to have to do that. Please train your staff better or somehow fix this problem for your customers.
Rating 4.3
Total Review 911

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