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Company Name Greenlin Pet Resorts
Category Pet boarding service
Pluscode 5XWG+CG Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Address 710 Eppley Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, United States
City Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 6am to 6pm; Tuesday, 6am to 6pm; Wednesday, 6am to 6pm; Thursday, 6am to 6pm; Friday, 6am to 6pm; Saturday, 6am to 6pm; Sunday, 6am to 6pm

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Telephone +1 717-766-8622
Latitude 40.1961148
Longitude -77.023745
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Review About Greenlin Pet Resorts

User Comment I was excited to get my Rain who was in need of group play into this daycare that I had heard so much about. Upon arrival on evaluation day I was given a put off feeling from the person at the desk. The more questions I asked the more defensive they got. My simple questions "When she did not pass, will they work to integrate her into the pack?" "what kind of dog was she evaluated with?" "who was the two managers that did the evaluation?" They could not answer these questions. When I brought up that I was taking her to my trainer who is a certified dog behaviorist and she was going to evaluate Rain to see if she could help me get her to the point that she would be able to go in with the other dogs. They got super defensive with me. I then got a call from Katie the General Manager of the center, she wanted the name of my trainer. I told them she was certified and one of the best in the area. At this point the GM was gracious enough to tell me that Rain would NEVER be in a group play setting and they would not even re-evaluate her for AT LEAST a year. Real fair !! Well I took her to my trainer. Check out how she handled being with a group of other dogs WITHOUT me being present.
Rating 4.7
Total Review 260

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