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Company Name Heart + Paw
Category Veterinarian
Pluscode VF75+C3 Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
Address 479 US-202, Glen Mills, PA 19342, United States
City Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 7am to 6pm; Tuesday, 7am to 6pm; Wednesday, 7am to 6pm; Thursday, 7am to 6pm; Friday, 7am to 6pm; Saturday, 8am to 4pm; Sunday, Closed

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Telephone +1 484-800-4361
Website heartandpaw.com
Latitude 39.8635898
Longitude -75.5422813
Google Map URL https://goo.gl/maps/LzZZMJG68etUJmgL9
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User Comment I brought my dog into Heart and Paw for an evaluation for Dog Daycare. The receptionist was friendly, but when she asked what her breed was and I said a pit mix, she was quick to go back to get the evaluator. Then the evaluator lady came out and explained she was going to take my dog into the play room and see how she interacts with a few dogs at a time. Looking through the window, she seemed to be her normal self- high energy and wanted to play with the other dogs instantaneously. Keep in mind, she’s attended play groups at several other places which she has never been a problem at.

After about 10 minutes the woman came out with my dog and told me that she did not pass the evaluation. She continued to tell me that my dog seemed too aggressive around the other dogs and seemed to make other dogs “uncomfortable” which is definitely not what I saw at all.
She then asked me if my dog was a pit mix and if she has ever had interactions anywhere else with other dogs. I said yes and when I told her where, she said “oh to be honest, ___ isn’t the greatest place to take your dog”. That made me pretty annoyed because it’s actually one of the top rated dog places in the area and I’m only not taking her there because it’s out of the way from my new job.

She then said to me “you can try again in a few weeks with us to see if she’s changed”. I politely said no thank you and as soon as I walked out the door I was instantly tears for several reasons: 1) Anyone that has met my dog knows she has a lot of energy, but is very sweet and never aggressive around anyone or any other dogs. 2) The woman had the nerve to bash another dog place that is actually one of the top rated in the area (I only found this through a Google search, not by anyone I know) 3) She also had the nerve to say ‘if she changes’ when my dog shouldn’t have to change who she is. 4) It was not fair at all on how one can be so quick to say my dog isn’t a good fit after only 10 minutes, especially when I’ve taken her to do full day evaluations before and she’s gotten great reports.

All in all, I did not have a positive experience and would not recommend this place. Just because she is part pit and has high energy does not automatically make her an outcast from other dogs, especially in a play setting. I am going to continue to look elsewhere and know there are definitely better places out there that will love my dog for who she is and not judge her off her breed and energetic temperament.

Rating 4.9
Total Review 520

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