Hypoallergenic Food Dogs With Insect Protein

Hypoallergenic Food Dogs: Bellfor is a family business founded more than 30 years ago in the farming region of Münsterland, focused on hypoallergenic dog food.

Since its inception, they have been striving to offer dog food products made with fresh regional ingredients.

Bellfor always works closely with experts in various fields to obtain high-quality food adapted to the needs of each breed.

One of its strengths is the maximum attention they give to the final product, an indispensable and essential requirement to offer the best quality of products, always thinking about your dog’s health.

To do this, they use the raw material provided by carefully selected suppliers in the area so that, being located a short distance away, the freshness of the essential ingredients is guaranteed.

Hypoallergenic Food Dogs for large and small dogs

Bellfor foods are available in three varieties: wet and hypoallergenic, which are more suitable for small dog breeds.

They also have the varieties: Landgut-Schmaus and Naturgut-Schmaus.

For medium-sized breeds, the Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus variety is much better, while for larger breeds, which suffer from food allergies, it is more appropriate to give them Naturgut-Schmaus food.

The latter is cold-pressed, which reduces the risk of stomach upset. All varieties are grain free.

To note: The adopter must consider the dog’s size when choosing his food because his adequate feeding depends on it.

However, not only the dog’s size must be considered, but also the weight, and physical activity, among others.

The best is that everything is prescribed by a veterinarian who will give the details to take into account so that the dog has the amount of food he needs.

Bellfor and Insect Protein

The amounts or servings of ingredients found in Bellfor dog food are listed in descending order.

Although the exact percentages of each are not listed, it does give us a general idea of ​​the healthy composition of the food. However, the proteins contained, regardless of their quantities, are of the highest quality.

For example, black soldier fly protein provides 22 highly nutritious essential amino acids for dogs.

And all this without any artificial chemical ingredients that are harmful or toxic to any dog.

This can be asserted because, since all Bellfor insect protein foodindirect consumption of antibiotics provided to cattle in the breeding process is avoided.

This is happening due to the rapidly growing demand for livestock by the world’s population, so there is a need to improve the efficiency of beef production.

Undoubtedly, this makes the product bellfor the best alternative to conventional dog food.

Hypoallergenic food dogs Insect protein is all benefits.

In addition, the production of Bellfor feed requires only 10% of the energy used in producing other types of feed based on livestock products.

This effectively contributes to saving energy resources and significantly impacts the preservation of our planet.

The primary source of these proteins comes from insects, especially the larvae of the black soldier fly, which are cold-processed and extruded.

When processing by extrusion, complete menu boxes Naturgut-Schmaus, Landgut-Schmaus, and Landgut-Menu are obtained.

These larvae have all the nutrients 10 days after hatching. And there is no need to worry about waste from the process, as it is used as a natural fertilizer.

To note: To avoid food allergies and for your animal to suffer all its symptoms, or at least limit them to a minimum to ensure a good quality of life and health, it is essential to include other products.

Treats and the like provided to the dog should also be hypoallergenic. Thus, it is possible to enhance the antihistamine effect because otherwise, you will constantly suffer from allergies.

For this, treats and snacks have also been developed with Landgut-Happen, thus solving the inconvenience of looking for other brands on the market.

In this way, the adopter can acquire everything in a single combo that guarantees the happiness and well-being of his dog.

Why Choose Hypoallergenic Food Dogs?

It is estimated that about 50% of dogs are affected by food allergies and intolerances, which makes the type of food fundamental.

It is a priority for adopters to observe their dogs, to recognize in time any symptom that signals the presence of a food allergy, and, thus, to choose the right food.

Even taking the precaution of proper nutrition, not all products offer premium quality and efficacy.

Bellfor consciously strives to achieve this quality of hypoallergenic food with great benefits for dogs, with the aim that it does not contain hydrolyzed proteins or meat whose origin is not carefully checked and certified. 

This is why Bell for feeds uses the protein from the larvae of the black soldier fly exclusively as primary raw material.

Although at first glance, it may seem like just one more variant of the many on the market, it sets an innovative precedent with significant advantages over other types of food.

Its advantages are:

  • Highly digestible beef substitute.
  • Without chemical additives or cereals, that can cause allergies.
  • Extracts of medicinal herbs are added to the compound.
  • Among the variety of foods, there are delicious and nutritious snacks to reward and pamper your pet without harming its health.
  • Manufactured with the strictest quality standards and the most selected raw materials sourced from the best suppliers in the region.
  • Manufactured with the most modern and advanced industrial techniques, respectful of the environment, which contributes to saving energy consumption.
  • Variety of presentations, each adapted to the breed and size of the dog.

Put an end to food allergies with hypoallergenic dog food.

If a dog suffers from an allergy, his body’s defenses see certain harmless substances as a real threat and therefore try to fight them.

This substance causing the allergic reaction is called an allergen. In many dog ​​foods, proteins such as wheat, dairy, and red meat are allergens.

Therefore, if the allergic dog continues to consume the foods that can trigger an allergy, there will come a time when he will be intolerant to the food.

For this reason, adopters must avoid having their dog in constant contact with triggers to avoid symptoms such as itching, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss due to lack of appetite, among others.

Betting on hypoallergenic dog food with insect proteins is all its advantages.

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