| Pet store | Irving, Texas, USA

| Pet store | Irving, Texas, USA

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Category Pet store
Pluscode V26R+CQ Irving, Texas, USA
Address 4030 N MacArthur Blvd Suite 200, Irving, TX 75038, United States
City Irving, Texas, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 9am to 8pm; Tuesday, 9am to 8pm; Wednesday, 9am to 8pm; Thursday, 9am to 8pm; Friday, 9am to 8pm; Saturday, 9am to 8pm; Sunday, 10am to 7pm

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Telephone +1 972-871-0525
Website stores.petco.com
Latitude 32.8611214
Longitude -96.9581233
Google Map URL https://goo.gl/maps/yBEEGJu5LEADNuLC8
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Star 2
User Comment Usually we have a great experience with this location, but the last time was a complete let down.

The Vital Care discount wasn't applied correctly so we had to drive back to the store again to get it fixed. When my roommate went to go get the refund she encountered one rude employee that proceeded to tell her she needed to try harder and be more aware of store policy or take it up with customer care… Even though CC advised her to return to the store as each has their own policy. The Vital Care discount not being applied was in no way her fault, seeing as she wasn't the one paying for it, I was, and I told my cashier that we'd be using her Vital Care account and give him the necessary information, only to be charged full price anyway.

To make matters worse, our dog seems to have been injured during his grooming session. His paws were swollen and so sensitive when we got home that whenever he put weight on them the wrong way or stubbed them he would literally scream. He's a Shiba, but these were way worse than his usual screams, the last time I heard him yell like this was when he fell on his face from the sofa as a puppy. He's been limping since Friday we had to call a new vet for advice since it seems we likely won't be taking him here for anymore services.

It's sort of nauseating in hindsight, because we were wondering why his appointment was over so quickly and even joked about it with another associate before leaving the store. Also, looking at other reviews, it seems like other have had issues with Eric G poorly trimming their dogs nails too. I feel so let down by this experience, will definitely read more of the reviews next time, not just recent ones.

Rating 4.4
Total Review 742

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