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Company Name Petco Grooming
Category Pet groomer
Pluscode 2272+4M Keizer, Oregon, USA
Address 6425 Keizer Station Blvd Ne, Keizer, OR 97303, United States
City Keizer, Oregon, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Saturday, 8am to 6pm; Sunday, 9am to 6pm; Monday, 8am to 6pm; Tuesday, 8am to 6pm; Wednesday, 8am to 6pm; Thursday, 8am to 6pm; Friday, 8am to 6pm

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Telephone +1 503-393-0698
Latitude 45.0128707
Longitude -122.9983215
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Review About Petco Grooming

User Comment I'm sure they are fine for shampoos and trims, but I wouldn't recommend for specialized cuts. My Miniature schnauzer came home looking like a Highland Terrier once. I had to take him back the next day so they could "fix it". Other times, we just let it grow back out and try again. It makes sense since they have such high turnover. Almost every time we went, there were new groomers and a new manager. With low pay and minimal training requirements, along with overwhelming schedules and incentivizing staff to up charge clients, what do they expect?

Be aware, every time we took our dog in, they tried to up charge for one thing or another.

Me: Why are you charging for flea shampoo? Manager: The groomer found fleas on your dog.
Me: Really, we never saw any and he never scratched. Our other two dogs don't have any fleas. Why aren't there any fleas now? Is it miraculous shampoo?
Manager: Well the groomer said they were all over him. But we'll take the charge off.
Me: Sure they were. Thanks.

Dun, dun, dun…we've now been banned as Grooming customers for our pup.

I was desperate to find a groomer to trim his nails and called. My first mistake. I spoke to the manager and asked if they had any experienced groomers. My second mistake. Expecting professional customer service from a Grooming Manager. My third mistake.

Since I had expectations of professional customer service and grooming for my pup, the manager said we are now banned. I asked why and she said that he supposedly attempted to bite a groomer before … and she's the manager, so she can do that.

I'm aware of the incident. He was matted. I told them he has sensitive skin and to cut the hair if it's matted. They didn't listen and hurt him. I'm sure he growled. He didnt bite anyone. He's a little dog attached to a pole for goodness sake. And, we didn't get banned at that point.


Rating 4.6
Total Review 58

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