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Company Name Petco
Category Pet store
Pluscode 2HP8+MW Heath, Ohio, USA
Address 597 Hebron Rd Suite 2, Heath, OH 43056, United States
City Heath, Ohio, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Saturday, 9am to 8:30pm; Sunday, 10am to 7pm; Monday, 9am to 8pm; Tuesday, 9am to 8pm; Wednesday, 9am to 8pm; Thursday, 9am to 8pm; Friday, 9am to 8:30pm

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Telephone +1 740-522-1602
Latitude 40.0366928
Longitude -82.4327205
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Review About Petco

User Comment Store an tanks looked decent. A few dead salt water fish but other than that they all looked good. Kinda disappointed, I wanted the Bubble Anemity(59.00) and the Clown fish(49.00) that were interacting with each other but the lady couldn't get it out of the live rock so I offered to buy the rock(24.00) AND that anemity and the fish if she could get the 2nd anemity off the rock. She couldn't get either to release so I offered to buy ALL of them if i could get a discount. Was told NO which was ok I undersood but I'm not buying 2 extra things just to get the 2 things I wanted at full price. Not sure how they plan to sell anemities if they can't get them off the live rocks that arent cheap. Wasn't a wasted hour long drive 1 way though(this was the closest Petco)!! I found a Long tentacle anemity that was rooted in the sand so easy to get, 2 sand sifter star fish and a cute little Royal Gramma Basslet!
Rating 4.2
Total Review 537

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