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Company Name Petco
Category Pet store
Pluscode G68J+C6 Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Address 3110 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106, United States
City Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 9am to 8pm; Tuesday, 9am to 8pm; Wednesday, 9am to 8pm; Thursday, 9am to 8pm; Friday, 9am to 8pm; Saturday, 9am to 8pm; Sunday, 10am to 7pm

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Telephone +1 605-361-5095
Latitude 43.5160987
Longitude -96.7694757
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Review About Petco

User Comment Terrible store, where do I begin. First of all never EVER buy an aquarium stand from Petco, terrible quality that is completely unacceptable, if you're going to buy a stand I firmly believe you can buy a better one at Walmart. I assembled the stand and out of the box I noticed the top was warped and I almost knew that it wasn't going to sit correctly right then and there but I assembled anyway and set my 55 gallon tank on top and it wasn't even close to sitting level or flush with the stand. The tank literally teeter tottered on top of the stand, I was so disappointed especially since I live almost 2 hours away. They never gave me a receipt with the purchase but I took it back anyway still assembled. I get to Petco and the employee and manager could see the stand wasn't flush across the top and acknowledged that the stand was unusable. I explained the situation and the "best they could do" was give me a gift card back for the cost of the stand. Here lies the issue, the stand cost 119.99 and they gave me a gift card for $90. I asked why it was only $90 and they couldn't give me a reason as to why they were withholding my money. I explained that I was not given a receipt with my purchase and they still refused my money back and just gave me a gift card to that terrible store. The customer service at that store even before my purchase was terrible. I had to drag the stand up to the front counter myself (halfway across the store) and I felt like an idiot the entire time since other customers were staring at me and the staff did nothing to help me get it to the front counter or carry it out to my truck, nobody offered any assistance at all with my purchase. I walked around the store for a half hour while one employee dragged their feet helping another customer because I had informed them I wanted help carrying the stand up to the front counter. I have worked in retail for most of my working life and this experience at this store was completely embarrassing. If I had any sense I would've just went to a different store in the first place. They don't even deserve a star at all in my opinion they deserve zero stars. I attached a photo of the aquarium stand. If you want to buy a quality aquarium stand, I recommend Petsmart. I attached a photo of my completed tank on a Petsmart stand.
Rating 4.2
Total Review 941

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