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Details About Safeway

Company Name Safeway
Category Grocery store
Pluscode X3RH+CX Seaside, Oregon, USA
Address 401 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR 97138, United States
City Seaside, Oregon, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Saturday, 6am to 12am; Sunday, 6am to 12am; Monday, 6am to 12am; Tuesday, 6am to 12am; Wednesday, 6am to 12am; Thursday, 6am to 12am; Friday, 6am to 12am

Safeway Contact Details

Telephone +1 503-738-4700
Latitude 45.9910649
Longitude -123.9201238
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Review About Safeway

User Comment I just sat outside in the cold for a full hour with three other individuals waiting to cash in cans. (Cold as in it snowed last night) There seemed to be some issue with the bottle truck guy and the Safeway employees, which was obvious by the way they (Safeway employees) were yelling and getting verbally angry within earshot of us waiting in line. Within the hour, three to four employees and what seemed like a manger walked by, and never once did one of them acknowledge or even look in our direction. Zero. Not a "sorry folks we're having an issue" or any updates on time. They walked past us for a full hour. It's not the bottles or my time I'm upset about, it's the shear lack of professionalism displayed by numerous employees. It was almost comical to watch and listen to two of them stomp around angrily and complain to one another. This is not the first time I've had or seen issues with the bottle return. It's not rocket science, hire competent and professional individuals who don't throw tantrums over cans and bottles, and acknowledge your loyal customer base once in awhile. We still shop with you despite the astronomical high prices. You just leave your customers sitting in the cold for an hour (two were still there when I left at that point) with ZERO acknowledging of their presence. I'm sorry you have to put up with the bums constantly causing issues and posted up right outside 24/7, but that's on you. I'm a frequent shopper and live locally, don't punish us. That was a complete joke of an experience.
Rating 3.9
Total Review 2,575

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