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Company Name Scallywags Grooming Services
Category Pet groomer
Business Hour Monday, 2 to 6pm; Tuesday, 2 to 6pm; Wednesday, 2 to 6pm; Thursday, 2 to 6pm; Friday, 2 to 6pm; Saturday, 9am to 6pm; Sunday, Closed

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Telephone +44 7421 358442
Latitude 50.937078
Longitude -1.3350794
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Star 5
User Comment Took my dog for the first time today and was incredibly impressed. My pooch absolutely hates getting his hair cut and today was no different. When the lady reached his paws he started to growl and snap; even with me holding him he managed to nip one of her fingers.
Instead of giving up she persevered and after much whining, writhing and general shenanigans, my Satan in disguise was a new dog.
As well as a bath and haircut he had his toe nails clipped his ears cleaned out and a quick spray of doggy aftershave.
Even after a lengthy session and a lot of hard work we were still only charged the original quote.
Will definitely be returning….if we're allowed!
Rating 5.0
Total Review 6

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