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Company Name Shampoochies dog grooming
Category Pet groomer
Pluscode G6P4+8J Burley, Idaho, USA
Address 1346 Overland Ave, Burley, ID 83318, United States
City Burley, Idaho, USA
Province United States
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Telephone +1 208-312-8392
Latitude 42.5358273
Longitude -113.793492
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User Comment Well, they only charged five bucks to trim my pit bulls nails. So I guess you get what you pay for. When we got there and asked for a nail trim, they brought out the clippers and the file directly to the front of the store, by the counter and asked me to hold my dog down. There are a few problems with this. 1. If I could have anyone else hold my dog down without professional training and get his nails clipped, I’d do it myself. 2. At the front of the store, if the door opened, my dog could easily scramble out into the street out of fear.
So after they decided that wasn’t going to work (which I told them it wouldn’t) they asked me if i still wanted them cut. OF COURSE I STILL WANT THEM CUT. but I just told them I would take him to another groomer and pay more if I knew the job would get done.
That’s when they decided to take my dog back, put him on an actual grooming table, and try it the way I’ve always seen it done. After a few minutes they came back, and said “well that’s the best we can do” I paid and left even though the job was only half done.
Not even to mention the place was dirty, disorganized and absolutely hectic.
Like I said, it was a walk in, and it was five bucks. So i can’t be too upset over the price/service. But for my dogs welfare and making sure he’s taken care of properly I will continue to pay MORE money OUT OF TOWN for grooming services.
Rating 3.8
Total Review 40

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