Walmart Neighborhood Market | Supermarket | Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Details About Walmart Neighborhood Market

Company Name Walmart Neighborhood Market
Category Supermarket
Pluscode HPPR+QC Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Address 1840 NW 9th St, Corvallis, OR 97330, United States
City Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Saturday, 6am to 11pm; Sunday, 6am to 11pm; Monday, 6am to 11pm; Tuesday, 6am to 11pm; Wednesday, 6am to 11pm; Thursday, 6am to 11pm; Friday, 6am to 11pm

Walmart Neighborhood Market Contact Details

Telephone +1 541-224-0036
Latitude 44.5869853
Longitude -123.2588774
Google Map URL
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Review About Walmart Neighborhood Market

User Comment I'm not a fan of Walmart but will shop here when I have to. The self check out is awesome and they keep it cleaner than anywhere else. (Scanning your stuff over dried leaky stuff is disgusting.) The vegan protein shakes are pretty reasonably priced. And they do have a good selection of protein bars and healthier crackers.

Ok so here's the but and it's a big but. Always and I mean always check the expiration dates and really look at the item your buying. I bought 2 bags of prepackaged cheese. Both were close to expiring but not there yet. My daughter ate one stick and realized after eating most of it that the bottom portion was green and smelled disgusting. Checking the others showed the same. I also bought 2 tubs of hummus, I opened one the next day and it smelled off. I checked the date and yup expired.

I had to return everything I bought that day so now I don't buy anything perishable from Walmart. Although Corvallis grocers in general are terrible about taking expired items off their shelves.

Rating 3.9
Total Review 1,063

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