Walmart Supercenter | Department store | Columbus, Ohio, USA

Details About Walmart Supercenter

Company Name Walmart Supercenter
Category Department store
Pluscode XVM3+9W Columbus, Ohio, USA
Address 5200 Westpointe Plaza Drive, Columbus, OH 43228, United States
City Columbus, Ohio, USA
Province United States
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Walmart Supercenter Contact Details

Telephone +1 614-876-7850
Latitude 39.9833913
Longitude -83.1451327
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Review About Walmart Supercenter

User Comment Hi! I am reviewing the accessibility of this Walmart location. As I was in the parking lot, I noticed there were many handicapped accessible parking spots available. However, there were handicapped parking spots that had shopping carts in them or in the area next to them that is blocked off to make room for a wheelchair. The main entrance has automatic doors that are wide which ensures anyone with a physical disability can easily access. The store is relatively quiet which is good for someone with a sensory impairment. The aisles are wide but many of them had carts and boxes sitting in the middle of the aisle making it hard for someone with a physical or visual disability to access. The signs on the bathroom had braille on them but the entrance to the bathroom may be difficult to access because it is narrow. The handicapped accessible bathroom was out of order which is a major issue. Someone in a wheelchair could not access the regular sized bathrooms. The sinks, soap, and paper towels were at a reachable height. I finished my review by checking out. The check-out is at a reasonable height that's accessible for all needs. Overall, there were many small issues that caused the store to be inaccessible. If these small problems were fixed, they'd create a more accessible environment for disabled individuals.
Rating 3.7
Total Review 4,774

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