Walmart Supercenter | Department store | Goldsboro, Pennsylvania, USA

Details About Walmart Supercenter

Company Name Walmart Supercenter
Category Department store
Pluscode 45XP+VM Goldsboro, Pennsylvania, USA
Address 50 Newberry Pkwy, Goldsboro, PA 17319, United States
City Goldsboro, Pennsylvania, USA
Province United States
Business Hour Monday, 6am to 11pm; Tuesday, 6am to 11pm; Wednesday, 6am to 11pm; Thursday, 6am to 11pm; Friday, 6am to 11pm; Saturday, 6am to 11pm; Sunday, 6am to 11pm

Walmart Supercenter Contact Details

Telephone +1 717-932-4384
Latitude 40.1496409
Longitude -76.8132691
Google Map URL
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Review About Walmart Supercenter

User Comment Walmart is Walmart. Anyone who has been to any Walmart knows what I mean. Each store is arranged different. It doesn't help that the employees have no idea where to look for something, even in their own department, because either everything is changing or 'its not their job'. They only work as a stocking person in a certain area of a department. I really would like to see the Suits and Ties of Walmart get away from their corporate offices and start visiting the stores. Also look at competition stores (Target, any Large supermarket) then go back and say they can do better by having ALL stores standardized in layout. AND HAVE MORE THAN ONE CASHIER TO CHECK OUT. Some people still like this option, instead of self checkout.
Rating 4.0
Total Review 2,617

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