Walmart Supercenter | Department store | Salem, Oregon, USA

Details About Walmart Supercenter

Company Name Walmart Supercenter
Category Department store
Pluscode X277+V2 Salem, Oregon, USA
Address 3025 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305, United States
City Salem, Oregon, USA
Province United States
Business Hour

Walmart Supercenter Contact Details

Telephone +1 503-378-7424
Latitude 44.9646657
Longitude -122.9874853
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Review About Walmart Supercenter

User Comment I had an emergency and needed a bicycle. I checked online about prices found one with in reason, so I went there to purchase a bicycle I walked back to where the bikes were found the bicycle that I looked at online I asked a couple of employees standing around doing nothing but talking and ask them I would like to purchase a bike they told me it wasn't there department I asked well can you call someone they said you have to go back upfront so I did I ask a couple more employees along the way that were standing around talking ask them I was told the same thing so I went upfront ask another employee again I was told the same thing I finally after talking to 5 employees found one who said I can't help you you have to talk to the man at the cash register so I did he finally pages someone to meet me there I walk back and saw the same employees still talking I mean all of them got back to the bicycle and waited another 10 minutes for someone to show up finally a lady shows up I said I want to buy that bike and pointed she looks at I said how much is that she said $289 I said what I explained to her I looked online and that one was $149and showed her online the price i was starting to get frustrated after about 4 bicycle later she said the only one online was $169 I said get it because I need it a hour ago. However, she was really nice and helpful, but the rest of the zombies there standing around should be terminated, so to me 2 stars and I'm being you need to check ✔️ your employees and make them work on customer service this was the emergency I needed the bike for my furbaby was lost for 6 days after the 6th day we found him and he is home bicycle for sale 1 dollar
Rating 3.7
Total Review 6,037

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