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Category Warehouse store
Pluscode JF39+QR Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK
Address 13200 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73114
City Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK
Province OK 73114
Business Hour Saturday, 9:30AM to 6PM; Sunday, 10AM to 6PM; Monday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Tuesday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Wednesday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Thursday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Friday, 10AM to 8:30PM

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Telephone (405) 832-5102
Website costco.com
Latitude 35.6044095
Longitude -97.530453
Google Map URL https://goo.gl/maps/rXuxD1fCchWLgV9v6
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User Comment What can I say that’s helpful here. I love Costco. When you walk in carts are to the right. Show your membership card. Upon immediate entry, to the left are seasonal buys. To the right, you start with TVs, phones, and other electronics. Keep going and keeping to the right, you’ll have appliances and office supplies. Usually there’s a sales pitch of some kind, for example today it was Generac generators. To the left you’ll start with more seasonal items. Right now there’s furniture and outdoor furniture. Keep walking and you’ll see clothes of all kinds. Keep walking and you’ll get to the wine selection then fruit. After this you’ll have to turn left at butcher. Then you’ll get to refrigerated foods, and freezer items. Back corner you’ll find water, drinks, cutlery, pet supplies. Once here you’ll turn left and start heading past the frozen items to snacks and dry food items before getting to the pharmacy and checkout. Finally, the snack bar, auto/tire shop, and member services before exiting. I do recommend the pizza slices or even a whole pizza. Some pretty good pizza for cheap. Since there’s not much to a wholesale store, hopefully you’ll find the layout review helpful.
I will add that I do like Costco steaks. They tend to be better than Walmart or Sams in my humble opinion. Not to mention they are competitively priced. Also, very rare that I get any fruit that’s not great. Definitely a place that if I don’t watch what I spend, I can spend a lot in a hurry. Also, I can’t find lower gas prices. Usually anywhere from $.10 -$.25 cheaper.
Happy shopping!
Rating 4.4
Total Review 2,619

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