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Category Warehouse store
Pluscode 2476+QG Tulsa, Oklahoma
Address 10220 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133
City Tulsa, Oklahoma
Province OK 74133
Business Hour Saturday, 9:30AM to 6PM; Sunday, 10AM to 6PM; Monday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Tuesday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Wednesday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Thursday, 10AM to 8:30PM; Friday, 10AM to 8:30PM

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Telephone (918) 710-2220
Website costco.com
Latitude 36.0144125
Longitude -95.8886809
Google Map URL https://goo.gl/maps/gac6x1K5MKhNMMZZ9
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User Comment While I like Costco and like Tulsa’s more convenient location, I did not like today’s experience. I had requested a male employee to see if they would be able to sell a display item as it seems Costco wasn’t going to be selling this particular model anymore as their website did not list it any longer. Took the employee about twenty minutes to go figure out if it was able to be sold. He came and confirmed yes that it could but had to leave again to ask to see what the discount could be given to buy the display item. About five minutes later a different male employee (possible supervisor?) in a blue shirt along with a female employee came to tell me about the item I wanted. The man proceeded to confirm the sale price of the item which was about $660 total but told me he could only give me a 10% discount. I tried to see if he could offer a better deal as the display item lacked the original packaging and lacked all the accessories that are supposed to be included. He then said that he wouldn’t sell the item me the item for any cheaper regardless and wouldn’t sell it to me if he couldn’t find the accessories. He acted as if he was the one who personally bought the item to sell in store even though it’s corporate that ships out these items to sell in Costco locations. I told him that if that’s the case then I’m good as it wouldn’t be worth to pay so much for an open product that didn’t include the accessories. Unfortunately this interaction with the male employee in blue was what made this experience unsatisfactory, I was only looking to make a reasonable negotiation on a price based on conditions of the item but he refused to offer a better deal.
Rating 4.6
Total Review 3,961

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