Are Poodles Good Dogs?Characteristics and Temperament

Are Poodles Good Dogs?

Charismatic and very playful poodles are among family homes’ most common dog breeds.

It may be because of their adorable shape or fur, but the truth is that they are one of the most famous dogs and have a fascinating history of their origin.

Poodle Story

The name poodle is derived from the word canard in the Canard language.

He is a descendant of the old Barbet, also known as a water dog and which was transferred from the lands of Spain and Portugal until it reached France in the eighth century, where the breed eventually became established.

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, it was one of the most characteristic breeds due to its agility in hunting ducks, swans, and geese.

Poodles are also known as water dogs. Indeed, they have great resistance to water and can swim several meters without any problem.

They are dogs with admirable dexterity and intelligence, which is why in the 16th century, they belonged to the circus of which they were the main protagonists.

They were dogs with great abilities to perform pirouettes, so they were popularized and began to belong to high society.

Over the years, they began to become part of court exclusivity, so they were filled with valuable jewelry and ornaments.

Although later, after the fall of the French Empire, they continued to be a very popular breed throughout Europe and spread to North America. Poodles are currently dogs, also known as Poodles, and are characterized by being pet dogs

Main Characteristics of the Poodle

Although there are up to four varieties of Poodles, one of the most common is the toys, with different features that stand out.

  • They are dogs that have a height of up to 28 cm, while the dwarfs have a height between 28 and 35 cm, the medium ones can reach up to 45 cm, and the largest ones up to 55 cm.
  • They are dogs of great beauty, their fur being the main source of attraction for many people. Although they have a very common hair color between black and white, some apricot, gray, or brown-toned specimens can also be found.
  • Their eyes are very cheerful, which gives them an awake look. Although they have a very common black color, the beauty of their luminosity cannot be overshadowed.
  • His body features are highlighted by a long, straight head and a good-sized neck that makes him look like a much more elegant dog.
  • He has a pronounced body, with big muscles and a firm chest. He has straight limbs and manages to align perfectly with each other.

A few years ago, many Poodles had their tails docked for aesthetic purposes. Fortunately, this practice is already sanctioned by law.

Poodle Breed Temperament 

Are Poodles Good Dogs

Standard Poodles have a very popular characteristic: their great adventurous and playful energy, but the truth is that they are very reserved dogs but love to play.

They have high intelligence, and it is not a problem for them to be able to follow orders, but they are generally very cowardly with people who do not belong to their environment.

Your demeanor can change from friendly to reserved very quickly. He is a dog that has no problem living with known people and pets.

Although according to experts, they must maintain relationships with other people from an early age to avoid excessive shyness or uncontrolled alertness.

The Poodle breed is very thoughtful, so it will be common for his adopter to witness this by watching him carefully. However, it is a type of behavior that helps him learn faster and react easily to training in a positive way.

In reality, the Standard Poodle needs some stimulation to feel happy, such as stimulating games or slightly more advanced obedience classes.

In many cases, this type of dog can be distinguished by its extreme obedience and can develop levels of protection in minimal amounts, but this does not mean that it is an aggressive breed.

As mentioned above, the Poodle is a nervous dog, so if you suddenly startle him, he will eventually shrink, which is a sign of his sensitivity. However, he is usually not as good in front of others: pets or smaller children.

Feeding the Poodle

As in any other breed, the Poodle requires care in its diet. Adopters need to consider that not all dogs can have the same feeding style.

To properly feed a poodle dog, three aspects must be taken into account: its size, age, and, finally, the level of physical activity it performs.

Dogs with a more active lifestyle need a higher energy diet than sedentary dogs.

Therefore, the food you choose will be the one that makes the difference.

It is not the same to feed it with food that, despite its good quality, is still processed food, than to feed it with natural food.

As with all breeds, when a Poodle is not fed properly, it can become overweight.

Being overweight can cause joint health problems, among other things.

For this reason, it is essential to limit the consumption of treats and to remain active at all times.

Poodles should be fed according to their three life stages:

  • Puppy: During this stage, providing them with a diet that can cover all of their nutritional needs to support their development is necessary.
    • Adulthood: Poodles can consume quality adult dog food from the first year.
  • Senior: After the first 7 years of life, the dog must consume food for older dogs. These must cover all his age needs because he will not be as active a dog as before.

Other Important Poodle or Poodle Care

Poodles are dogs with many advantages, but one of the best is that they shed very little, which is why they are pets that do not mess up the house.

On the other hand, in terms of the care the breed needs, you can keep it healthy and clean by simply following a series of guidelines.

Hygiene is one of the fundamental points, although it is important to note it not only in poodles but in all breeds, even more so when they are small and live indoors with all the family.

Hygiene in poodles

They must be neat, clean, and oral hygiene is one of the most important.

Small dogs are prone to plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth, which is why their gums begin to deteriorate, leading to bad breath.

If left unchecked, it can become a more serious and frequent problem, such as gingivitis and gum inflammation.

In the long term, we will cause severe pain to the animal.

The most important thing to avoid this type of pathology is that from an early age, the habit of brushing his teeth is created in the dog.

Although it will initially be awkward for the dog, as you do it constantly, he will get used to it, and it won’t be unpleasant.

Bath and Drying

Dogs should not be bathed too often. In the case of the Poodle, there is no exception.

Sebaceous glands help keep skin clean, so constant bathing can cause skin problems.

Even more so when using non-recommended products, which can cause injury to the skin, baths in poodles should be done at least once a month.

This will give the skin time to regenerate and recover the natural fats without any problems in the dermis. After the bath, drying is an important step.

All the water must be removed with a towel and finished with an electric dryer at a moderate temperature so as not to hurt it and to be able to finish drying it completely.

Diseases Poodles Are Prone To

Although it is known that Poodles are very long-lived and have excellent strength, like all dogs, they can suffer from health problems.

Depending on their genetic predisposition, they can suffer from pathologies such as:

Disadvantages on your skin:

Dogs of this breed are prone to skin lesions such as atopic dermatitis and sebaceous adenitis.

There may also be cases of the appearance of alopecia disease generated in cases of dogs bred to have a particular color.

The waterfalls This is a common inherited condition in the breed, but it can be prevented if the parents are checked before crossing.

However, one of the most important problems is the appearance of glaucoma, which can cause blindness but can be prevented.

Orthopedic problems:

Cruciate ligament injuries are the most common but can be corrected with surgery. However, they cause severe pain.

Also, elbow dysplasia is a genetic problem that can be generated in dogs with too much physical activity.

There are other common health issues like stomach twist the release of toxins into the blood, among other diseases which, if not treated in time, can have serious consequences on the dog’s health and, of course, his life.

For example, diseases associated with the heart channel, although they may be of genetic origin, can generate failures of great importance.

In some cases, they can be caused by hypothyroidism or hormonal problems and are present, especially in older age.

Train a Poodle

Adopting a poodle is part of your plans, but you must consider it a somewhat stubborn dog. In some cases, they can become dominant.

Basic obedience rules can help you hold your ground and let the dog know his role in his new family.

The best way to work on training dogs of this breed is to create games with rewards. This will make the dog even more enthusiastic about following the rules correctly, as he will eventually be rewarded.

It is important to consider that the treats must be adapted to their diet; otherwise, they can be very fattening.

Conclusion Are Poodles Good Dogs?

If you have noticed that your poodle dog barks much more frequently, avoid reprimanding him and find out the reason for this behavior.

If there’s no reason, be firm and tell him that his behavior bothers you.

Obviously, always start with positive training without resorting to violence or shouting.


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