How to Make Jewelry from Pets Ashes

Pets are our best friends; they are our family’s most faithful companions, who accompany us in the happiest moments of our lives but also in the most difficult.

For this reason, it is extremely difficult to accept that they are no longer with us and that our pets are eternal.

When we lose a pet, the pain is there, and it’s because our best friends are incomparable and noble beings who are always by our side.

Therefore, it is very difficult to deal with their disappearance, and we are looking for the most effective ways to deal with this loss so that we can remember them and keep them close.

In this search for solutions, a beautiful way to face this loss is jewelry with animal ashes, a simple and beautiful way to always wear them by our side, as in their lifetime.

Jewelry with Animal Ashes

There are many ways to deal with the loss of a pet. Contrary to what many think, a loss causes great pain and emptiness for the rest of the family.

Overcoming this stage is not easy, but it can be a little more bearable when you have something constantly reminding you of them, and even better when you can take them everywhere.

Jewelry with animal ashes is much more than a fad. We pay tribute to our best friends and always take them by our side.

There are all kinds of jewelry, such as pendants, bracelets, letters, and bracelets, with various options to select the most comfortable, the one we like the most, and the one that best represents our best friend.

To make this kind of jewelry, the cremation process of your pet must be individual because by doing it collectively with other pets. There will be no way to guarantee that the ashes are indeed those of your dog, cat, bird, reptile, or any other pet.

Hence the importance to use a serious company that carries out this procedure responsibly and guarantees the process individually.

On certain occasions, it is even possible to attend the cremation of the animal and thus ensure that it is treated with its ashes.

After selecting the design you prefer, delivery of the locket or piece of jewelry takes up to five working days.

It’s an extremely fast procedure and a great way to pay tribute to those who will always be our best dudes.

Along with the ashes, a certificate of these is also issued, an important aspect to guarantee that they belong to your pet.

How to Make Jewelry from Pets Ashes?

Many people underestimate the loss of a pet. However, it is an extremely painful process because they are beings for whom we have felt immense love and have also shown us their unconditional love throughout their life.

Here we share some advice on how to better cope with this difficult moment:

  • Feel sad: It’s important to set boundaries for others and not let others tell you what you should or shouldn’t feel. Each person deals with the loss differently, so you can not cry, be sad for several days, laugh, find moments of joy, etc. No manual says the right way to feel.
  • Farewell, ritual farewell rituals can help family members get through this difficult time. Doing a simple ceremony to honor him is one aspect that helps in this process.
  • Cheers: remember the happiest times you spent with your pet. Wearing a piece of jewelry or a medallion with your ashes is a simple and emotional way to always carry it with you.
  • Talk to other people: There are many support forums for people who have lost their pets. Talking to someone who has been through the same pain and expressing your feelings can go a long way in helping you work through your grief.

Our pets are so much more than that. They are our unconditional friends and family, which is why it hurts so much to say goodbye to them.

However, there are ways to keep them by our side forever, including jewelry that can hold their ashes and photos and all possible souvenirs.

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